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Delivering safer & better driving experiences patented optic sensors & AI technology

In-Cabin Sensing Technology

CU-BX developed a suite of market-leading sensing solutions for driver safety and in-cabin environmental comfort applications. The patented optic-based sensing technology behind these solutions is based on deep tech transfer between two universities, Bar Ilan University (Israel) and the University of Valencia (Spain).

Providing seamless contact-free driver health, comfort, and well-being monitoring, CU-BX solutions leverage proprietary algorithms and the power of AI-technology to enhance the driving experience. 

Developed specifically for high-level accuracy and continuous, passive driver monitoring, CU-BX's robust sensing capabilities maintain full functioning within a myriad of environments such as all road conditions, all lighting conditions, above ground and in tunnels, and are agnostic to skin color, perspiration, and layers of clothing. 

Designed to integrate with Tier 1 and OEMs needs., CU-BX cutting-edge technology can be integrated into existing camera-based driver monitoring software technologies.

Truck and Warehouse

Real-Time Alerts & Warnings

Equip drivers with the most advanced stress, fatigue, and health status detection system for professional drivers & fleets. Sensors provide continuous monitoring, delivering real-time assessments driver health and well-being.


Because it is fully contact-free the there is no driver discomfort or effort needed. The image sensor, proprietary optics, and AI work together to detect fatigue and levels of stress.

How We Deliver

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